Posiflex the environment

Posiflex is a proud participant in the global effort to preserve the environment by making green POS terminals.

With this objective were implemented in the manufacturing process a number of policies and standards extend to the final products.

Some examples included in these policies could be:


  • Hazardous substances . We reviewed and tested alternative substances to eliminate adverse impacts on the Environment and are consistent with the constraints of Hazardous Substances, stenosis not included in the ROHS regulations.
  • Posiflex has certified to the ISO 14001 and IECQ QC 080000 HSPM and the implementation of production systems in line with ROHS.
  • Total control, maximum respect and minimum consumption of natural resources.

In addition, Posiflex is committed to continuous monitoring and adjusting our work environment related health and safety of its employees.

ROHS Regulation

From July 1, 2006, stopped the inclusion of materials designated in the ROHS within Posiflex manufacturing processes.

These materials are:
Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6 +), Polibromodifeneledidos (PBB) and Polibromodifeneledidos ethers (PBDEs) (both of flame retardants used in some plastics).

As a responsible member of the Global Community in which we live and work, Posiflex offers products according to the ROHS using Lead free materials in their designs. This was possible thanks to increased investment in R & D and increasing their administrative controls, getting and keeping a smaller impact on the environment and health of people who work with the Posiflex products.

Ecological business partners

Posiflex requires its suppliers to coordinate their operations with the Posiflex ecological system that ensures that these suppliers to implement environmental policies in their factories.

Electronic waste - RAEE

Posiflex Iberica contributes to the management of waste products.

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